About Us

Globality = The quality of being global; universality, totality; specifically the quality of having worldwide inclusiveness, reach, or relevance; (the potential for) global integration, operation, or influence.

In economic theory, “Globality” is the end-state of globalization – a condition where "a new global reality" is emerging. The end of barriers in economic commerce has led to a situation where every business is “Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for Everything”. Furthermore, in this new economic reality, businesses from smaller countries, based on human capital and innovation, have now the right to grow and become global challengers.

We, at Globality Real estate, believe that today’s real estate is more complex, diversified and challenger than ever. Having being members of the world’s largest residential real estate organization (CENTURY 21) for many years, we learned the basics of real estate in the best way. At the same time, by operating in the worst economic period of Greece’s recent history, we had to find new ways to survive, new roads to move forward, we had to go beyond the basics.

So today, GLOBALITY REAL ESTATE, based on its most powerful asset which is human capital is presenting the new real estate: Real Estate for Everyone, Everywhere, Everyway! Based on this moto and following market trends, we have split our operations to the main following divisions to serve better every client need:

Residential Real Estate

As demographics will always be the main driving force for real estate, in the same way, residential real estate will always be our core business; Our residential department has the largest selection of properties in Athens in general and focuses on residential buyers and seller’s needs. We also offer rental and property management services. For anyone interested in selling, buying or renting a home Globality is the right move.

Golden Visa Real Estate

The last years we have served many overseas buyers to acquire a property in Greece, and through this, the five years EU permit. As this type of clients need wider services than traditional clients, our Golden Visa Department offers A to Z services for overseas buyers. The specific market has grown rapidly in recent years, and Globality already has a very strong market share, working with both direct buyers who know us from the various promotion channels as well as with real estate agencies and immigration offices from abroad.

Commercial Real Estate

Our specialized personnel have been involved in many “serious” commercial transactions and our active clientele consists of many big investors and companies from Greece and abroad. Our access to Greek banks as well as the portfolios of NPL servicing companies have made us the ideal gateway for those investors who want to have immediate, direct and full access to these properties.

Other services

For us “Real Estate for Everyone, Everywhere, Everyway” means that we have to serve any client's need regarding real estate; With this in mind and besides the various” in house” divisions, we are able to offer, through our strictly selected external collaborations any accompanying service that our clients need, such as mortgages, insurance, engineering services, renovations, legal and notary services, etc. For every seller, tenant or buyer of real estate, the Globality advisor can recommend the best professionals.